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Vote Against Terror by Josh Vote Against Terror by Josh
The Bush administration uses all the hallmarks of terrorist regimes: Lies and deception, limiting rights and freedoms of the people, and an inability to admit when things are fucked up and need to be fixed.

Meanwhile they use terrorist organizations and third world countries to take the public eye off of what's really going on. The reality is that Bush is erroding our freedoms daily and tells the citizens lies that are much more disturbing than merely covering up a sex scandal. We almost impeached Clinton for a blowjob, but Bush can lie and cause hundreds of deaths and everyone is blind.

The upcoming election has more at stake than most. If you don't get your voice heard, then you will be saying it is okay to allow the government to take away your right to do so.

Stock from ~tinderstock
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AtheosEmanon Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
This is a cool picture
TheReaverOfDarkness Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2005
:sniff: it's so well said :cries: and so true!! :hug: hold meh!

this world is only a bad place to live in because people don't stand up for themselves and let others walk all over them... :tears:
TVBlink Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2005
Nice colors. Nuff said. Have a beautiful day.
Inclover Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2005
ha! yes! I have to admit I like your description better than your work, but I would totally put that up on my wall. Nice work.
artmagic99 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2005  Professional Traditional Artist
Love the graphics and the original cool colors. You got talent!
CwK Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005
i like it, good work.
Josh Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
mattnagy Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Awesome. :thumbsup:
Josh Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! =)
mattnagy Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2005  Professional Interface Designer
Not a problem. :)
AnnikaAstra Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2005  Professional Writer
:+fav: this is or the second one would have to be my favorite of the three. All excellent political messages.
MistaMisery Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2005
Luscious work...I love your retro style. :heart:

I'm one of 's best friends and is a very good friend of mine too so I thought I'd say hi. :heart: :blowkiss:

ttyl hun.

~M i S T A
Josh Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2005  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you very much! =) Hello to you too.
mutableair Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2004  Hobbyist General Artist
Again, this is truely amazing. Though I am not old enough to vote I still express my opinions, and I think that you are doing a wonderful job in expressing your opinions on our government. :+fav:
surfychick Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2004
i really believe this aye.. the americans using the scare tactic. it ties in to what ive been studying recently.. we started doin it in english, but jst briefly and i found it v interesting so ive since done my own study and delved deeper into the issues... we started by looking out at how the media controls us, and how they decide public opinion. how they infulence us to think certain ways.. ive done a deviation on it. but then ive sort of branched off that into reading about the scare tactic, and how they are using the media, leaning on them to portray the feeling of danger to the americans, so they feel they need to be protected by bush. its crazy...
lillyinblack Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2004
Wonderful image and message to boot. :+fav:
Flamsmark Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2004
what fonts do you use? and where do you get your stock?
quantumpixel Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2004
Couldnt agree with you more !!! :shakefist:

check this out ! [link] :)
illusions667 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2004
Good one
1o9 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2004
It's honestly frightening :disbelief:
CookieSoul Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2004
Nice color scheme, it matches with the topic. Persuasive.
yokom Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004
Completely ignoring the hilarity of the political views expressed herein, I'd like to point out that "scared of terror" makes absolutely no sense.

terror by definition is something everyone is wary of, yet it is terrorism that the US is fighting against, and terrorism that many bush-haters see as happening within America.

aethestically, however, i love this. :)
Josh Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Then what, pray-tell, is the "War on Terror" the press keeps talking about?

Terror can also be used to describe the effect and or acts perormed by a group of terrorists. A terrorist instigates terror. He does so by committing acts of terrorism.

According to the Patriot Act, anyone who commits any crime is a terrorist. So be careful ... Bush may declare war on you. =)
yokom Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004
the 'war on terror' is gramtically erroneous, as my recent forum thread points out, and as english grammar dictates.

a number of tv news stations have, in the past few weeks, begun calling is the 'war on terrorism' as they've realized the illogic of 'war on terror'. additionally, it is falsely called 'war on terror' because it has a slight natural ring and flow to it, even if it is incorrect. the media just picked it up because it was convienient.

a war on terror attacks the result of the source, which is terrorism. thus it is again obvious that it should indeed be a 'war on terrorism'. we aren't fighting a war against a lurking emotion, but against tangible terrorists.

A crime, regardless of what is it, strikes terror in others, so a criminal is also inherently a terrorist, though not in the strictest sense. The US government declared war on crime since its inception; stop trying to be smart.
Josh Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
The Patriot Act also gives the government the right to execute all terrorists. Therefore: If any person who commits a crime is a terrorist (and there is no level of crime defined here ... you can be speeding and it still applies), then any person who commits a crime can be executed. For any reason.

The war on terrorism IS a war on a "lurking emotion". Terrorists are not a visibly obvious central government ... they are groups of people who can be anywhere at any time. Terrorism's goal is to cause terror by being anonymous and omniscient. They can't be satisfied, and they can't be destroyed.

I really could care less about arguing semantics, politics, or anything else with you. The only reason I even responded to your original comment was because you were incredibly rude and insulting. I'm a friggin english major so I definately do not have to discuss grammar with you. The design behind the artwork in question was to be an advertisement that encites emotion and action. I chose the wording that I thought would be most appropriate. I don't have to explain this to you because it is my artwork.

Even in prose and poetry you can take artistic liscense with grammar. Go correct your classics for grammar ... or read some Emily Dickenson, or Robert Frost. You'll find that true written art uses grammar as a guideline and then breaks it when needed for effect.

Art is expression and can be delivered however the artist wishes.

If you're goal here is to make other people look stupid then you should probably go find another community. Constructive comments are more than welcome ... ill thought out, insulting ones are trash and should be treated as such.

I should not have even begun this discussion with you because I really do know better than to expect anything better to come out of someone who would respond in such a way to begin with.

Good day.
oaksong Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2005
If this was on myspace I'd have to give it 3 kudos.
yokom Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2004
I've spoken with plenty of English majors who haven't a clue about the rules of english, just as liquisoft has encountered graduates from design school who don't know elemetary rules.

If you think that I'm trying to make you look stupid, think again. My comments were not "ill thought out", though you may have found them insulting. Yet I found your dissemination of inaccurate information equally insulting.

Still, however big of a jackass you think I am, no hard feelings. :salute:
corre6 Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2004
this is awesome. the message cant be more true. gj
triggerfinger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2004
ok initially i came over to thank you for switching my subs from one account to another then i saw this and had to comment. :lol:

I lived in the US for 4 years. Prior to that I lived in Asia for 10 years. Prior to that I lived in United Arab Emirates for 7 years. I now live in Europe. I've never lived anywhere where I've been eligible to vote because of moving so much. I'm Dutch by nationality but having never lived there I don't get to vote. I really think that people who aren't able to vote appreciate it much more than those who have taken the priviledge for granted. In a way I can respect someone's decision not to vote if they really strongly believe the voting system is corrupt etc. However, the apathy is something I can't accept. The attitude of "My vote can't possibly make a difference" seems so misplaced considering the political climate of your country with impending elections. Now is the PERFECT time to choose your side of the fence and vote. I mean really, it can't hurt right? lol you get a #2 pencil, fill in the form and bam......then people can go back to watching MTV or whatever :shrug:

On the other hand the election of Bush to office really made a lot of people very wary of voting. I mean suddenly Florida had all these issues with the Ballots and Bush #2 being gov. of the state made it seem all the more suspicious. People must have felt cheated. Money decides. That sounds so simplistic and ridiculous doesn't it? But in some part that's true. A lot of money was spent to insue that George Jr. would become president. Would Gore have been a better president? Perhaps not. But I think he wasn't given a fair shot.

Going onto the near impeachment statement....I had always found it strange that the US would be so quick to jump on Clinton for getting a blow job. He lied to your country. The way I saw it was, he was just a man who was trying to lie to his wife and just had to do it on national TV. I actually liked him more after that. If getting a blow job helped him run the country better then carry on Sir LOL

Onto the first glance i thought the neutral browns and reds wouldn't be impactful enough, however the way the colours are sectioned off with the text makes it very eye catching. I particularly like the usage of that stock image to go with your poster.

A really evocative piece :)
Josh Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
First: It was no problem, if you need anything else just let me know.

Second: Thank you very much. That is possibly the most thoughtful and productive comment I've ever read (not to mention has ever been posted in reference to something of mine).

This is the first presidential election I've ever been eligable to vote in ... I'm definately going to make sure I get as many people as I can to get out and vote along with me.
triggerfinger Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2004
If i am going to take the time to view a piece like this, the least i can do is let you know how it impacted me :hug:

I don't want to tell people what to do lol but, the US presidential elections don't just affect Americans......with your political/economic weight in the world you impact almost every single other country too. Who becomes your president affects Europeans, Asians, Australians i think it's imperitive that Americans as a whole start to realise what they do affects others....just a thought, not a criticism.

Thank you for this piece :aww:
carlo83 Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004
on the tecnical level: great sense of the composition, i love how you chose the colors and used the fonts!! bravo ;) ;) ;)
for the message itself: I'm just sorry i could not vote against Bush (i'm not american).
great job ;)
Josh Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks =).

There are good things and bad about not being an American ... just like there are about being one. I'm simply amazed at the amount of freedoms we have effectively given up because of fear of terrorism. Bush is a dangerous man who is taking this country in a direction freedom loving people should not want to go.
chonbi Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004  Student Traditional Artist
Nice message. From a Canadian, I love it. :hug:
Sophinemo Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2004
very hot design-wise. the message, although voting is certainly of utmost importance, is a bit stale. i mean, in my opinion, but you have to understand my friends' friends and how very zealously political they are. if i hear the word "Orwellian" one more time i'm going to explode.
Josh Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
That's strange ... I run into people my age every day that comment on how voting is pointless, etc. I argue with people intensely on this subject, and I believe it is still very relevent when we are still having voter turnout rates steadily falling. This election is crucial and we need as many people to get out and take action as possible. We cannot afford to let Bush take another term in office.
lunarFIRE Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
This is excellent!
unrealreality18 Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
Absolutely, stick it to the man. ;-)
billrulez Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
cool, great idea, you are totaly right! the bush-administration is bad, real bad ;-)
grindL Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2004
wow this is really awesome I've to :+fav: it

cu martin
garan Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2004
In Europe we don't have the tradition of free speech, so you are rather well off, even with Bush :-D
All government, all power, has the innate tendency to perpetuate itself, to solidify its base and its grasp on its subjects. "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance", an overused but surely true saying. I am not afraid that America will end up as a jail. Americans (at least some ;-) ) learned to think and speak for themselves generations ago and you continue that tradition pretty good :nod: (not meant as bootlicking ;-) ) All in all I think, America had much worse presidents than GWB ;-) Though playing with cigars is maybe more likeable than playing with Saddam's revolver ;-)

The piece itself is nicely done. I like the matt color scheme (no red white and blue ;-) ) and of course the expressive picture. The selected fonts are well suited, especially the bloody one. The "They want you to fear" part is a bit boring and imho a bit hard to read (words not clearly separated).

The caption "Scared of Terror" is cleverly chosen; The reader has to start thinking. And that's the first, and maybe most important, step for keeping the right to think and speak out ;-)
epylesdotcom Featured By Owner May 27, 2004   Photographer
good work but i disagree, but thats me, but the art and pic and everything are great
Josh Featured By Owner May 28, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
I totally respect your right to disagree. Beyond the political stance I took in this piece ... the ultimate message is just to get up and vote for what you believe is right.
arlucasinc Featured By Owner May 26, 2004
Nice one!


Would you mind if I showed this / linked to it on my lj?
Josh Featured By Owner May 26, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
As long as you link it back to this page I don't mind you using it on LJ. =)
PikeyArt Featured By Owner May 24, 2004
this is brilliant. design really helps make the message powerful. well done.
Josh Featured By Owner May 24, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
BrandonEinziger Featured By Owner May 20, 2004
powerful. :D i love it :glomp: :glomp: be mine, josh
Josh Featured By Owner May 23, 2004  Hobbyist Writer
I'm already yours ^_~.
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